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Box Cricket

More than 12 guys playing cricket in very small place was delight to watch. It was played close to shed of allotment on leg side while Sajid bungalow at about 15 meters to right. Straight had been open place while back had little place about 10 meters which was fenced with borders by college authority to mark it as their place. 12 guys played box Cricket after college ended at around 6.0 clock in evening. Everyone arrived as their respective lectures finished. Direct ball contact to any of walls around was out. One bounce catch was wicket. Direct shot beyond bowling stumps was declared out. Only option left for batsman was to defend himself well enough like an elegant Test Batsmen like Rahul David. Amol would keep wickets behind , while Amar would be in slip , Ashish Patil covered leg slip area . Pratik guarded cover short cover, Vijay short leg, Tushar very short mid wicket , Sharad short mid on, Other Ashish short mid off, Sagar any other place short enough. Sanklap squeezed betwee…

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